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Ozzy the Octopus

Introducing the cutest critter to roam the sea – Ozzy the Octopus! This wonderful “plush” toy, with its adorable gazing eyes and fabulous rainbow “coat", will truly win your heart!


Perky the Pig

Pattern Number Two – Perky the Pig. A precious little pink piggy with a hand-crafted glass button snout, curly tail, and floppy ears!


Henry the Hedgehog

Look at that adorable little face and that full body of scales! Pattern 3 in Penny’s Zoo is the sweetest little hedgehog around!


Boris the Beaver

Welcome Boris the Beaver, the fourth critter in Penny’s Zoo! Complete with buck teeth, paws, and a classic wide, flat tail, Boris stands proudly as the national animal of Canada!


Fiona the Fish

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy! The fifth pattern in Penny’s Zoo is the adorable, and tropical, Fiona the Fish!


Daphne the Dachshund

Woof Woof!! “Man’s best friend” couldn’t be any cuter in this canine chainmaille version including adorable puppy eyes and a big red tongue!